Fascist Activists Poster Glasgow Uni, Threatening Academic

The posters put up at Glasgow Uni on Monday. We have blurred out Samuel Tongue’s face because he has probably suffered enough.

Creepy fascist boy scouts – sorry, very serious pan-European “identitarian” movement – Generation Identity have been at Glasgow University this week, harassing an academic who once tweeted a joke at the group’s UK leader.

Their desperate cry for attention – which I suppose we are now rewarding by writing about them – saw them, sticky tape in hand, march up to the library and stick some posters to the door. The poster warned students that a lecturer at the university apparently believes “the great replacement” is not a bad thing.

“The great replacement” is, for those unfamiiar with far right conspiracy theories, an idea propagated by alt-right Youtubers like Lauren Southern that white Europeans are being replaced, as part of a nefarious elite plan, with immigrants from the Middle East and Africa.

Generation Identity are a tiny and fairly pathetic group in the UK who – unlike previous fascist youth sects like now banned National Action and Scottish Dawn – are less caught up in covering their faces wherever they go. Nonetheless, they have links with more savvy “identitarian” political movements across Europe, with large online networks and access to financial resources. They have, for instance, been behind paramilitary training camps and PR stunts like running around the Alps with flags. More worringly, the group raised £67,000 in summer 2017 and launched a ship in the Mediterranean, with the idea of blocking NGO ships there to rescue refugees. In reality, their main interaction with an NGO ship came when they had to be rescued by one themselves.

In Glasgow, however, their resources are considerably more limited, and their posters – complete with academic headshot, line graph and massive Glasgow Uni logo – looks like something dreampt up by corporate comms, rather than underground fascist propoganda. After their presumably short-lived stunt on Monday, they paraded the results on Twitter the following day, keen to alert their followers to the “deeply immoral and racist position” held by a “public intellectual” at Glasgow University.

It did not take us very long to figure out who the GI member putting the posters up is. Meet Willie Wilson, who also goes by the name William McNeil, who is in his mid-20s and from Ayr. The Roman Empire obsessed activist is the “regional lead” for Generation Identity in Scotland, where he leads approximately four members. His accomplices include Barry Sunnocks of Glasgow, a member of the youth wing of UKIP and a supporter of the Union Bears, the Ranger’s ultras group. We  have not been able to establish if either are University of Glasgow students – so over to you, Anton!

McNeil and Sunnocks, centre, having a pint of extremely unpatriotic San Miguel

The GI Scotland leader, who is clearly visible putting up the posters at Glasgow Uni, has also been photographed at European far right gatherings. In the below image, he is pictured holding a pint, fourth from the right.


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