“less about intelligent thoughts on current affairs, and more about the inglorious denigration of others”

“just a bunch of moaning boring wankers”

“they’re not moaning boring wankers, they’re just cliquey dickheads. I know, I’ve met them”

Reads like someone has an axe to grind…

“a hate filled blog by those who collided with the establishment”

“dangerous subcultural extremists”

“an amateurish blog full of spite & vitriol”

“the hysterical WeeFree sect of the pro-Indy left”

“what a shame”

“consisting almost entirely of persons of Irish descent”

“you people make me sick”

“idiotic gutter garbage”

“No balance, all mindless bashing”

“you are supposed to be impartial. But from what I see your far from it. Shame on you”

“the only people trying to incite religious divide in this city are bias non factual media outlets such as this one”

“those are all just silly fake names”

“The continuing identification of our client as one of those involved in the alleged incident at [LOCATION REDACTED] is repetition of the Sunday Mail’s defamatory identification.”

“typically subjected anyone they found disagreeable to vitriolic personal abuse and character assasination”

“with pals like these, who needs juvenile trolls?”

“full of inaccuracies and balderdash”

“cheap vituperation”


“inflammatory and insensitive”

“yous will be getting took to court for assassanation of character”

“a bully blog run by nasty, twisted people capable of far darker things”

“puffed oot long winded self congratulatory masturbatory drivel”

“more a reactionary piece about hipsters than anything”

“crypto-journalist wannabes”

“the newspaper spread casually over a petit-bourgeois breakfast table”

“lies everywhere on that ‘blog’ of hate hate hate”

“that’s some extreme language and some blanket accusations. poor show guys.

“you can’t even form a sentence correctly, you sexuality-biased, knuckle dragging troglodyte”

“Smug. Unbecoming.”

“the voice of the Establishment, probably funded by Soros”

“political snake-oil peddlars.”

“random grunting, pointless noise, grunt grunt aren’t I clever yawn grunt…”

“‘a thousand flowers’ making me want to rip my dick off and fuck my eyes out my occipital lobe.”

“I wouldn’t expect high brow discussion” 

“adopting the militaristic language of fascism”

“a sort of homosexual street gang that function as plausibly-deniable enforcers for the “progressive” establishment”

“This probably crosses the line from fair comment to slander”

Your nattery is pish. Your other chat is pretty reasonable.

“Good for you.  You managed to raise the defamation to new heights”

“annoying wee cunts on the internet”

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