#KezWeCan: The greatest mass movement in Scotland’s history?


By James Alexander McDaid (@jamwithlabour)

Arise ye starvlings and all hail Dugdale!

The great Comrade Murphy will be fondly remembered as the man who led the proletariat in their overwhelming rejection of the parliamentary road to socialism at last General Election.  Following his noble departure, it now falls to members of the party of Scotland’s working class and to appoint a leader, someone worthy of carrying the red (white and blue) banner of Scottish Labour through the coming epoch.

The task ahead could not be starker, as we battle to defend our Holyrood list seats the material gains of the toiling class from the relentless attacks of the bourgeoisie – most specifically, that Nicola Sturgeon.


Thankfully, a class warrior has emerged who has re-energised our movement and our class. Our rallies have had to be rescheduled or moved to larger venues, as a beacon of hope continues to light up the dark night of nattery.

So let us never be told that we cannot achieve our goals, never be told that the forces of separatism and Sturgeonism are too powerful to overcome.  Let us proudly declare the slogan of the greatest mass movement in Scotland’s history: #KezWeCan

Thousands attend a rally addressed by the future Dear Leader in Riddrie.

#KezWeCan reclaim the historic cause of our Labour movement, like blaming everything on the SNP.

#KezWeCan carry forward the legacy of the Jim Murphy, by ensuring Scottish Labour at Holyrood are as well represented as we are a Westminster.

#KezWeCan overcome not just the forces of capitalist tyranny but also cybernats, like certain candidate’s dads.

Beware of the lick-spittle capitulators and class collaborationists, who warn that Kezia Dugdale is “too left wing” to win an election or that her leadership will leave Scottish Labour “carping on the sidelines” for the next decade.  These are the desperate lies of those who seek only to demoralise and divide our party by spreading untruths, a bit like that Ken MacIntosh guy, who is a dentist, well, looks like a dentist.

Heed not rumours that a Dugdale victory will come only as a result of far left entryism.  Despite purchasing an array of publications voicing support for Dugdalist values at one of the many recent packed rallies, I have found not a shred of evidence for this claim.


It’s no coincidence that many who had treacherously abandoned the one true path to proletarian liberation are returning to the fold, inspired by the message of resistance and full communism which is Kez-o-nating across the land.

So strike a blow for the working class and join the probably countless millions saying #KezWeCan to a bright future with Comrade Dugdale.



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