A THOUSAND FLOWERS is a Scottish blog launched on International Women’s Day 2013 by an unsavoury cabal of queers, feminists and trolls. Your new go-to gaiz for seditious gossip and druggy innuendo.

A red sock in the white wash of cyberspace.

We’re fed up with boring, unhuman “politics” and even more fed up with having to be involved in it.

This is the personal blog of a few very political people so we make no apologies for all the chat about music, drugs and wanking.  We don’t draw a line between the personal and the political because we want to get people back into politics, not drive them away.

We want to talk about our society and our lives as they are; daft, sometimes funny and not nearly as complicated as some people like to make out.  

You won’t find endless hefty academia or (too much) lefty chin stroking here, we refuse to speak someone else’s language just because we’re talking about politics. We’re not here to tell you what to think or to bore the fuck out of you with massive walls of text all the time.  Politics is made deliberately dull and difficult to make sure most people don’t get a say and we think that needs to change.

The society we live in just isnae working anymore, especially if you don’t happen to be loaded, white, male and straight.  We need an alternative that empowers people to get organised and stand up for themselves and each other.  We don’t have all the answers and we don’t pretend we do but we can’t ever stop asking the big questions about what our society and our politics is really for.

We dared to dream of a Yes vote but real independence has always been about more than flags or constitutions. One vote doesn’t change the truth no-one wants us to know; power is still ours for the taking, the better Scotland we fight for still there to be won. The struggle to build an independent society, from the ground up, goes on. And so do we.

Being independent of political parties gives us the freedom to speak our minds.  We’re not here to be popular and if challenging those who need to be challenged causes tears and snotters, so be it.  We should never be afraid to demand better whether that’s from our governments, our movements or ourselves.  

Since we’re not trying to run the world quite yet, we don’t have to take ourselves too seriously. We may be passionate about big ideas but we enjoy shit jokes and dodgy photoshop jobs just as much.

Oh aye, and we like calling people wankers a lot, so if you don’t like swearing, you can fuck off.

It’s time for the cross-pollination of radical ideas, it’s time to let A Thousand Flowers bloom!

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