Neo-Nazis Plastered Glasgow in Stickers, So We Tore Them Down

Bigots emboldened by the Brexit vote have plastered lamp posts around the River Clyde and Glasgow Green with neo-Nazi stickers. This afternoon, A Thousand Flowers destroyed or obscured around a dozen stickers in the area, all of them from cultish Nazi youth group National Action. In one instance, a sticker had been attached to the La Pasionaria statue, a tribute to British workers who volunteered to fight fascism during the Spanish Civil War.

The stickers first came to light after a tweet by Green activist @Eeyinnotyouwin this afternoon. When this blog visited in the early evening, a number were still visible, while others had evidently been torn down over the course of the day.


National Action are a small and largely internet-based group, which openly boasts that its “ultimate aim of a white Britain can only ever be achieved through state power.” NA members have recently joined with the SDL on a number of demonstrations, typically with their faces obscured by skeleton masks and carrying distinctive black flags.



NA are also a pathetic wee bunch of boring bastards, who as well as a fetish for Nazi iconography, are apparently opposed to commies, gays and cannabis. In other words, the arch-fucking-nemesis of this blog. Naturally, NA are also big fans of Donald Trump, marking his visit to Scotland this week by stickering the Ayr UWS campus with ‘WHITE POWER – TRUMP’ stickers.


It would be a mistake to attach too much significance to the actions of NA. A fractured network of keyboard activists who scurry about putting stickers on lamp posts is not the sign of a strong far-right. But given the events of the last few days and the normalising of racist rhetoric around immigration it would be equally wrong to get too complacent. Remember – anti-fascism is a social duty. If you see any Nazi stickers on the street, you know what to do…


National Action members at an SDL demo in Edinburgh, March 2016. Pic: A Thousand Flowers

National Action members at an SDL demo in Edinburgh, March 2016 (as reported here). Pic: A Thousand Flowers


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