PHOTOS: Glasgow’s Dirty Laundry

By I Am Séamus Fierce

Glasgow Green is a place with a lot of history. James Watt dreamt up the steam engine here, kickstarting the Industrial Revolution. A different type of revolution was in the air when John Maclean was arrested for speaking out against World War I under Nelson’s monument, while the great Rent Strikes used the Green as a rallying point.

Another Glasgow Green tradition is the citizens’ right to hang washing on the poles near Templeton’s. Groups and individuals who have gripes with the Council came together to share their stories. Bedsheets serving as banners were hung out, airing the corrupt adminstration‘s dirty linen in public. We weren’t short on grumbles!

Citizen Smart played a couple of anthems, Margaret Jaconelli made a speech about the double standards of the Council, Alasdair Gray put in a surprise appearance and a gorilla/Atos doctor denounced the closure of Glasgow zoo! Oh and a couple of cute dugs, always a hallmark of a good protest.


Margaret Jaconelli, whose home was confiscated to make way for the Commonwealth Games


Atos to sponsor the Commonwealth Games, following their Orwellian sponsorship of the Paralympics


Literary legend Alasdair Gray


Citizen Smart in action


ubiquitous Palestine flag, symbol of resistance


Fornication? Not in this parish!

174 175  177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 189 190 192 193 194 197 199 200 201 203 205 206 207 208 209 210


Atos doctor

Atos doctor

Atos doctor's wages
Atos doctor’s wages
Away for his dinner

Away for his dinner

BONUS FEATURE: Kelly Rowland’s stunning new music vid, Dirty Laundry


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