Jennifer Lawrence’s Hunger Shames


by Unpleasant Vixen

Alright. Now, I know that this post is going to tread on some dangerous territory as I feel that I might be flogging an unpopular opinion here, not dissimilar to a 5 year old girl in 1997 saying that she doesn’t like the Spice Girls…HOWEVER, I feel that you beautiful readers deserve to be aware of just how crazy problematic girl-of-the-moment Jennifer Lawrence is.

We all know her, the bolshy, in your face heroine of the Hunger Games fame. For the past few months, I don’t think a day has passed in my sad little internet-dependant life where there hasn’t been some kind of gif reposted of her featuring one of her “badass” or “body positive” (HAHAHAHAH) quotes.

I will admit that I haven’t went out of my way to immerse myself in Jennifer Lawrence-y activity following her rise to fame, but I’ve always harboured a wee niggling feeling that there was something off with her. The main thing was that all I was seeing was this slim, white, conventionally stunning woman talk about how great it is to be average and to be happy in a body that isn’t admired by society – that’s all GREAT but someone should really re-install the mirrors in Jenny’s house because I think she’s forgotten what she looks like…

By this point I had only taken umbrage at her for saying that she doesn’t care about people thinking that she’s overweight when she’s (literally) sitting pretty, far from even being near overweight. That’s one instance, and it seemed to have good intention behind it, so I set out to see what else she’d been putting out there to rack up such a fanbase and that ‘girl power’ reputation (two Spice Girls references, even if you don’t like this post, you have to give me some credit for that heh).


J-Law lacks a certain…zig-a-zig-ah!

BOY, I WISH I HADN’T EXPANDED ON MY KNOWLEDGE OF THIS WOMAN. What I discovered was mindblowing (in the bad way). Being a fan of bullet-points, and not being a fan of cleverly linking paragraphs, I will proceed to tell you why J-Law is just…terrible:

  • She is body-shaming – To everyone, it would appear. I think that alone shows that Jennifer is particularly skilled in the art of making women feel like crap, because usually cunts like her only shame one kind of body type – nope, she covers all of the bases. In an interview with some presenter guy (I don’t remember his name – sorry, but it happened, I swear on my cat) she was asked “So you’re in a movie called the Hunger Games?” and she replied with “Isn’t that the story of your life?”. Is being a schoolyard bully/total asshole the story of your life, JenJen? Flipping that on it’s head, she also HATES anyone who makes any attempt to maintain their weight, for whatever personal reason. She elegantly stated that she wants to “punch those people in the face” in reference to folk who enjoy working out. She also has a special place in her hate-corner for women who don’t have curves, in fact, they’re not even WOMEN according to her, as she stated that when going out in front of the camera she would “rather look like a woman than a pre-pubescent 13 year old boy”. So there you have it, you are uuuuggggllllyyyyyyy if you are overweight, underweight, athletic – basically you’re ugly if you ain’t Jennifer Lawrence.
  • She is biphobic – in a hugeee way. From what I’ve gathered, she believes strongly that for women it is a clumsy precursor to being a lesbian. When she was in total disbelief that some X-Men character or something was originally going to be bisexual, she was all “NOOOOOO, REALLY?” and then decided, oh wait, maybe that is possible because that character is super old so she’ll have had plenty of time for a “lesbian phase”. Bisexual girls, apparently your entire sexuality is just a “phase” of another sexuality. On top of the blatant bi-erasure, she also clings onto the old cracker of homosexuality being a series of immature experiments that ultimately straight people dabble in. Boak. She also stated that she “might leave her boyfriend to start being bi” because, wait for it, NEW YORK IS BUSY AND BEING BISEXUAL FOR A WHILE IS CONVINIENT. It must be so fun to just activate and deactivate your sexuality, like some kind of sexy Transformer!


    TransPHWOARmers more like

  • She is homophobic – alongside all the shit mentioned above, she also referred to her childhood tomboy phase (PHASE, PHASE JENNIFER THAT’S A GREAT WORD ISN’T IT?????) as “dykey”. That’s not your word to use, put it back now and no one gets hurt…
  • She is transphobic – She called her female cat  Chaz Bono, after a transgender man, because “she gives off masculine energy and she thinks she’s a boy”. NO YOU UTTER TIT. This basically implies that she thinks trans men are females who “think they are male”, as opposed to just being male, period. Of course there is the other huge issue surrounding this whereby she’s completely making a joke out of the struggle transgender individuals face, having a good LOL about her “craAAaazzyyyy cat” on chat shows. I can’t even.uv0203
  • She is ableist – I’m not sure what emotion to feel towards someone who claims to be jealous of their co-stars OCD because it is “quirky and cool” other than searing hatred. Mental illness is not a fucking fashion accessory, and I’m sure she should be more careful what she wishes for. Jennifer also proves again that she is a WONDERFUL ambassador for girls struggling with their bodies, in her total rejection of people with eating disorders. “I’m just so sick of these young girls with diets. I remember when I was 13 and it was cool to pretend to have an eating disorder”. That’s very fucking charming and lucky for you Ms. Lawrence, having the luxury of just PRETENDING to have an eating disorder. But the girls you’re shaming are most likely fighting a godawful battle with one. Be there for them? No? okay.
  • She is misogynistic – Well, obviously, but this is highlighted in the ultra-feminist quote, “I want to be sexy not slutty”. No you’re nothing, you’re just annoying.
  • She is gender binary – painfully so…she reckons that cats are girls and dogs are boys…based on their ‘masculine and feminine energy’. That also points to her being a complete imbecile, which is true as well.

I am absolutely without doubt sure that there are so many other issues I haven’t even mentioned here, but come on, I have a life (sort of…) and I have a fear that MS Word would eventually run out of pages if I kept goin’ without limit. Anywayyy…fair play if you like this woman as an actress, she is a pretty good one (bleh), but please bear in mind all of this shit when you go to start singing her praises as a groundbreaking, positive influence on her young female viewers. Because it turns out she’s just another cunt really.


Collecting her just another cunt award/Golden Globe. Whatever.


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One response to “Jennifer Lawrence’s Hunger Shames

  1. Thanks for posting this, I had no idea. I found your website while looking for stuff about jlaw and I’m saddened to find she isn’t who I hoped she was.

    By the way, I like how you call everyone cunts 👍 (no sarcasm, I’m Aussie and it’s like my favorite word.)

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