PHOTOS: Glasgow Demo to Scrap Trident #bairnsnotbombs

Photos by @Roundmabit & Juan Mac

Thousands marched in Glasgow today to Scrap Trident and fight for a nuclear free future.  We slept in – so here are some pictures of the rally in George Square and the ensuing Sturgeon selfie scrum.

As much of the march as we managed to catch:

jm11601A wee rendition of “Freedom Come All Ye”:jm11603jm11620Another good day for purveyors of flegs:

jm11615The obligatory Nats climbing up on high things shot:

jm11625And the obligatory LOL at conspiracy theorists pic:


jm11604jm11602jm11626Patrick Harvie MSP addresses the crowd:

jm11607A brilliant speech against nuclear weapons and austerity:

jm11606And after Nicola Sturgeon spoke, the scrum began:

jm11609What other people’s selfies might have looked like:

jm11610 jm11614“Can you sign my copy of the Government’s white paper.”  A sentence never before uttered.jm11613jm11621  “I can’t imagine Henry McLeish being bungled into the back of a car as the crowd screamed.”

jm11622A massive turnout, a simple message: Scrap Trident, Bairns not Bombs!




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One response to “PHOTOS: Glasgow Demo to Scrap Trident #bairnsnotbombs

  1. Reblogged this on Bampots Utd and commented:

    well done Scotland !
    a grew up listening to the song a added a feel the original people who fought hard for disarmament are about to be thanked with there goals achieved via our younger generation keep fighting the good fight united we are making change !

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