New Face of No Campaign: “Salmond speaks a lot of sense”

A week of video-related embarrassment for the No campaign was rounded off today as it emerged that the star of Better Together’s cinema adverts has previously said he believes Alex Salmond speaks “a lot of sense”. Rory Elrick, a politics student at Edinburgh University, takes a leading role in Better Together’s “Best of Both World’s” cinema trail, which has spent a month being consistently booed at cinemas across the country since its unveiling at the start of May.

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A flood of complaints about this and other indyref adverts culminated in major cinema chains laying down a ban on them  earlier this week, which will kick in from 5 June. The large number number of complaints is in part due to some cinemas having up to four referendum ads prior to film showings over the past month, with one each from Better Together and Yes Scotland, and two from No Borders, the “grassroots” campaign set up by a Tory millionaire recently. The sudden flurry of No Borders adverts was due to a legal requirement for them to splurge most of their cash before the regulated election period began yesterday, which obliges them to now cap spending at £150k until referendum day. No Borders were humiliated earlier this week when their latest ad, warning that independence would lead to Scots losing access to specialist hospital treatment in England, was pulled following a complaint from the Great Ormond Street children’s hospital in London.

Better Together’s “Best of Both Worlds” minute-long trail features five of the campaign’s earnest Youth Ambassadors, repeating familiar No camp platitudes about jobs, opportunities, “working together” and having the “best of both worlds”. Clearly, Elrick hasn’t always shared these views, with our sources indicating that his previous affiliations include the Lib Dems at the height of Cleggmania in 2010, before switching to the SNP in 2011 and then joining Better Together soon after its inception in June 2012. Far be it for us to suggest that young people should never be allowed to develop and change their political views, his about-turns appear less like matters of principle and far more about climbing the greasy pole of student politics careerism. Not to mention that having the public face of Better Together – in an advert being shown at 69 cinemas across the country and which has racked up 460,000 hits on Youtube – pictured with Alex “a lot of sense” Salmond, the visceral hate-figure of No campaigners, is pretty fucking hilarious.

For more Better Together video lolz, check out this which neatly tears it to shreds:

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