Revealed: the Mystery Scottish Youtuber Behind a Global “Alt-Right” Media Empire

9110There is little remarkable about the deathly quiet, Wimpey Home suburbia of Linlithgow, located in the rolling hills of West Lothian around 12 miles west of Edinburgh. Well kept driveways, estate cars and “no cold calling” signs are in abundance. Yet one house would stand out from the rest in this scheme, with blinds firmly shuttered across every window and little sign of life.

A Thousand Flowers can now reveal that this is the address that a global “alt-right” media operation calls home. Today, we can expose the true identity of the Youtuber behind the influential “Millennial Woes” Youtube channel, one of the leading lights in the emerging far-right movement that has been emboldened by the election of Donald Trump.

From a bedroom in his father’s home in Linlithgow, Colin Robertson, 34, uses the channel to spew out hatred in regular video monologues and interviews. As this blog first revealed, Robertson recently finished a US tour that saw him give a keynote speech at the now notorious “Hail Trump” white nationalist conference in Washington DC.

The conference story was then picked up by the Daily Record with an appeal for information on the “mystery Scots racist”. Both A Thousand Flowers and the Record were flooded with hundreds of false leads, as panicking alt-right figures commanded their followers to deluge the media with fake details in a bid to keep Woes’ identity secret.


Can we identify racist scumbag? YES WE CAN!

Robertson has previously advised his followers to “never reveal your city, or your year of birth, or the real names of anyone you know. Not even first names.”

But he has perhaps not been as careful as he would like to think. Following an extensive investigation, this blog was able to track down his details and this afternoon paid the Youtuber’s house a visit. Despite several attempts, no response was received at the door, although it’s understood that Robertson leads a largely nocturnal existence.

Little is known about his background, although he graduated from a prestigious London art college in the mid-2000s. Having launched his Youtube channel in December 2013, he now earns a living from his videos, with regular appeals to his followers for donations. Robertson has close ties to other figures across white nationalism, including Richard Spencer, organised of the “Hail Trump” conference and inventor of the term “alt-right”, who has achieved media notorierty in recent months.

The Youtuber openly admits to be being anti-Semitic and holding extreme racist views, although continues to insist that he does not run a “rabid ‘hate’ channel.” Over Christmas, Robertson had an extensive schedule of live interviews on his Youtube channel, with key figures from the movement. Many of these have since racked up thousands of views, with his total number of followers on Youtube spiralling to over 20,000.

The term “alt-right” remains contentious, with many seeing it as an attempt to rebrand the American white supremacist right. On this, Robertson states that “[the term] is useful to us and I think we should keep it for now. Until, I don’t know, we can start just calling ourselves white nationalists. I don’t know if we can do that just yet, maybe five years from now.”


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