A Thousand Flowers: Still Blooming Here!

There probably wasn’t much of a “market” for a queerhawking, man-hating blog with a vendetta against Glasgow City Council but commies like us don’t care much for the market.  When A Thousand Flowers burst into being back in 2013, I doubt any of us expected to still be here.  Yet 2 years on, here we are, still ranting away.

We’ve had a blast tearing through politics in this dark, dank wee corner of the world – raging about 50 Shades of Grey dominating the big screen with every bit as much venom as we rage about the 50 shades of Tories dominating the big boys club at Westminster.


From Nicki Minage to Nigel Faraj

We couldn’t have survived these last 2 years without  the incredible support we’ve had from thousands of you who’ve delighted in, moaned about, laughed at, condemned, giggled with and denounced us every step of the way.  We could not be more thankful for the opportunity we’ve had and for the kindness of friends and strangers alike, who’ve kept us as close to sane as we could reasonably expect to be.

We’ve never aimed to provide a rolling news service and make no claims to have reinvented the political wheel.  We don’t want power and ruthlessly refuse to accept party politics as the only answer.  We’ve been condemned as a conspiracy against pretty much everyone and everything, which suggests to us we’re exactly the kind of equal opportunities offenders we set out to be.

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We’re never gonnae be the BBC nor Bella Caledonia and we don’t try to be.  We do what suits us, when we can be arsed.  For us, that’s more radical than forcing ourselves to have and share opinions on things we’re just not interested in or have nothing original to say about.

There have been seismic shifts in Scotland’s political landscape in these last few years and we’re incredibly fortunate to have been able to cover something as momentous as the referendum.  But whether we’re discussing the constitutional arrangements most conducive to creating a more just society or whether we’re talking about the colour a dress, the important thing is that the discussion keeps going.


We value our politics, our society, our culture and think they deserve to be taken seriously.  So seriously that we always try to elevate them to a level worthy of ridicule.  We rip the piss out of things because we want them to matter.

Independence, social justice, queer liberation, gender equality and worldwide socialism  – all smashing if we can get them. The very least we can do is continue to get royally humped with a bit of humour.


So while a personal blog posting once or twice a week(ish) is never going to make much of a dent in the system of global capitalist tyranny, if we can make things a bit less boring and shit than they otherwise would have been, for even a few people, all the sleepless nights will have been worth it.

Who knows whether we’ll make it through another 2 years but thanks to all of you and despite ourselves, A Thousand Flowers is still blooming here.


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