VIDEO: Glasgow Against The Bedroom Tax

Yesterday thousands took to the streets in 53 towns and cities across the country to express their anger at the UK government’s “Bedroom Tax.”  The changes to Housing Benefit which come into force this week and will see a cut in benefits for some of the most vulnerable in our society who are judged to have an “extra” bedroom.  Hundreds of thousands of disabled people already squeezed by changes in Disability Living Allowance will be further punished for needed extra space with people forced to pay up or face the threat of eviction. With no smaller social housing to move in to the plans will see many thrown out on to the streets if local authorities and Housing Associations impliment the legislation.

One of  the largest demos saw around 3000 (according to the press, we think more) march in Glasgow.  A Thousand Flowers sent our roving reporters to talk to demonstrators (and folk hingin’ oot their windaes) about why the Tax should be scrapped and what we can do to fight it:

One response to “VIDEO: Glasgow Against The Bedroom Tax

  1. talk about the nanny state, the list is endless, i mean quite a lot of older couples need a room each to spread out in bed, and its just going to cause trouble where are all the smaller houses going to come from anyway

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