Nawbags for Independence

We’re not even a week into the EU referendum campaign and a strange group of people suddenly seem really keen on independence.

We’re not sure what’s happened but who are we to argue with the Tories and George Galloway?  No wait…

Here are some of the finest nawbag moments of the past few days – what a difference 2 years makes!


Too wee? Too Poor?


Thanks BawJaws



.Join The Resistance


Better Never Than Late


We look forward to Nicola Sturgeon’s many speeches in support of the union in due course.


Further “reading”:

The Vow 2: The worst sequel in history?


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One response to “Nawbags for Independence

  1. What’s ATF’s opinion on the EU ref? I am incapable of forming my own opinions and need to be told what to think.

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