Bedroom Tax vote: Shame on these Labour shitebags

So we all know the Bedroom Tax is a thinly-veiled attack on the poor and the disabled. If not then I suppose you are either thick as shit or read the Daily Mail (or both), neither of which I have much time for, so if you need to, google it.

There was a vote on repealing the Bedroom Tax yesterday in Westminster, proposed by the Labour Party. It is not news the Tories are grade-A bawbags who will take all opportunities to kick the shit out of the poor, and give money to their elite pals. What is news, is that the motion failed to pass by 26 votes, and 43 Labour MP’s failed to turn up! (Incidentally so did Iain Duncan Smith, who was at a youth unemployment conference in Paris. LOL)

bald so hard motherfuckas wanna fine me

The motion was proposed by Rachel Reeves, who said that Labour would be tougher on benefits than the Tories if elected, so the idea that Labour were doing this for some cheap publicity is an idea that I could buy. Anyway, they couldn’t even get all their MPs to turn up and vote for it, which is beyond pathetic. I think it is appropriate to name and shame all the Scottish Labour MPs who couldn’t be arsed turning up to overturn the bedroom tax. Shame on every single one of them:

Douglas Alexander, MP for Paisley & Renfrewshire South
Gordon Brown, MP for Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath
Anas Sarwar – Glasgow Central
Pamela Nash – Airdrie and Shotts
Jim Murphy – East Renfrewshire
Ann McKechin – Glasgow North
Jimmy Hood – Lanark and Hamilton East
David Hamilton – Midlothian
Frank Doran – Aberdeen North
Brian Donohoe – Central Ayrshire

And don’t forget the ‘right honourable’ (lolol) Eric Joyce – Falkirk, who was elected as a Labour MP but expelled from the party for the victimless crime of headbutting a Tory. 1400829_559168760827802_1084278775_oBefore I bring attention to one Scottish Labour MP for whom this is particularly embarrassing, I would like to address why I haven’t shamed the Lib Dems – it’s because they are politically irrelevant. Everyone knows they are spineless right-wing scumbags and they’re hemorrhaging support as a result. However Labour are seeing a bit of a revival of late. The likes of Owen Jones and Len McCluskey are giving us the tired “hold your nose and vote Labour” routine, and even comedian (cunt) Robert Webb is writing articles about how they aren’t that bad, and we should all join them and be happy in a world of PFI’s, illegal wars, and scapegoating the poor. Well, that can get to fuck. We’ll vote for independence instead, thanks.labour money for war cut apprenticeshipsThe actions of Scottish Labour MP’s yesterday go to show why independence is necessary, and one name sticks out: Anas Sarwar, Scottish Labour’s deputy leader and MP for Glasgow Central, who decided it would be in the interests of his constituents to not bother attending the vote. It’s funny because oor Anas was just recently giving Nicola Sturgeon pelters on a TV debate for the Scottish government’s lack of action on the bedroom tax. If you can stomach it, the whole debate is here. sarwarfake

For someone who thinks that Sarwar has about as much integrity as Tony Blair, I have to say I was impressed by his performance on the bedroom tax issue. In the debate he quotes the ridiculous amount of money the Scottish government have spent on supporting the Disney film “Brave” (£7 million), on sending Salmond to watch golf in the US (£1/2 million) and on re-enacting the battle of Bannockburn (£5 million). He goes on to say “let’s put this referendum aside for a minute and think about the people who are suffering because of the bedroom tax”. Aye right you are Anas, we should all think about those people more… oh wait you couldn’t be arsed to do as much as voting in Parliament to get rid of it; you insincere, hypocritical wankshaft.

this is a ridiculous waste of money on some sad men who need to grow up and get a shag
this is a ridiculous waste of money on some sad men who need to grow up and get a shag

The message from this is simple. Labour is not a party we can or should support. When they tell us to vote no in 2014 and vote for them in 2015 instead, we should laugh in their face (literally if you get a chance). The SNP’s record on the bedroom tax is much better than Labour’s, and even then independence isn’t about the SNP. It’s about bringing the control of the country back into the hands of the communities who have been fucked by the Tories and betrayed by Labour.

Sarwar is a wank, Scottish Labour are a joke and independence is becoming ever clearer as the only alternative that presents an opportunity for democracy and fairness. And if nothing else, imagine Anas Sarwar’s face when it is declared that Scotland voted Yes.

aye, right
aye, right


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